Into Creating/ (Cher)
Hi everyone!

I want to introduce you to a new program that I'm really enjoying! You're probably familiar with the web sites that allow you to create an account,upload your images, and make products from them. My "Intocreating" website, powered by Rocketlife technology requires NO account setup! You just click on the launch button, to download a tiny program to your computer, and then you can start creating right away,using the photos you have,
without having to upload your images!

Instantly turn your photos into spectacular products you can share with your friends and family (or collect for yourself)! Use the revolutionary RocketLife engine to create a variety of items, from photo albums to mousepads,that bring your world to life with lightning speed! I've had a lot of fun with this program, and I invite you to check it out, have some fun playing with the creation program, and make something amazing!

If you'd like to become a reseller, the set up (which usually costs $49.00 - $90.00 or more!) for this is FREE! (Internet Explorer needed for the Launch and Reseller buttons)

I have had so much fun with this- I think that you will too! ; ) Enjoy!
Visit Into Creating's "Rocketlife" site.

Into Creating/ (Cher)
Ok, So right now, I'm still working with this template, and deciding what widgets to add. I'm also seeing if I can get the Flickr photoslide to work right with this particular template....apparently its not just a regular slideshow from Flickr, and I have to use the code that came with the template, but add my Flickr ID to far, its not working out very well.....ack! ; )
Into Creating/ (Cher)
Visit my Etsy Shop and take a look around! I've added a few pendants to get things started, but I'm busy putting together more cute items! Cher